June 7

Pop Up

Green Apotheca will be set up with a pop up shop featuring the latest witchy wares

7 pm

The Roaring 420s Lounge

333 Franklin St, Buffalo NY 14202

June 9

The Anthology | Magick Flow

Join Kay for a magickal yoga flow set to The Anthology tracks of The Tortured Poets Department


The Ren Haus

1507 Hertel Ave, Buffalo NY 14216

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June 15

AVA Collective Summer Market

join Kay for a spell at the AVA Collective Summer Market event! Green Apotheca will be set up with a selection of the latest witchy wares to shop

11 am - 5 pm

Larkin Square

745 Seneca St, Buffalo NY 14210

June 21

Full Moon Circle

join Kay & The Coven at Green Apotheca for the monthly Full Moon Circle.

We will start with a casual half hour coven social for all witches to gather, settle in, and connect. we will then discuss the meaning and vibe of The Strawberry Moon. once the circle is cast, we will hold a group meditation. during meditation, each witch will be smoke cleansed and have a tarot card pulled by Kay. the featured meditation guest this month, Julia Reed, will be holding a healing sound bowl bath. we will then make magick collectively with a ritual guided by Kay, and close the circle.

after the circle is closed, Kay will connect with each witch to read the tarot card you received in the circle.

please bring: a blanket or mat, an item for the altar, and your magickal self

7 pm - 9 pm

Green Apotheca

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June 22

Summer Solstice | Intention Candle Pour Party

Join Kay & The Coven for a Candle Pour Party in celebration of The Summer Solstice at Rove Boutique!

During this celebration of the Summer Solstice, it is a powerful time to set fire to your intentions for the season. Enjoy wine and charcuterie while learning about the magick of intention setting with Kay of Green Apotheca, and discuss how this will be incorporated into the candle making process. Decide from a selection of crystals, dried flower petals, leaves, and herbs that support your intention; when the beeswax has cooled to the perfect temperature, you will then decorate your candle with the crystals and flowers.

There will be 2 sessions available for candle making. 

Wine and charcuterie will be provided for each witch in attendance.

Kay will be set up at Rove with the newest witchy wares throughout the Saturday after the Summer Solstice, 10am - 6pm.

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June 22

Midsommar Market

Join Kay for a Midsommar Market. Green Apotheca will be set up with a pop up shop featuring all of our latest witchy wares.

12 pm - 5 pm

Duende at Silo City

85 Silo City Row, Buffalo NY 14203

June 30

Summer Sol Retreat

Green Apotheca will be set up for a pop up shop featuring the latest witchy wares and taking appointments for mini tarot readings at the Summer Sol Retreat

12 pm - 1.30 pm

Riff City

166 Chandler St, Buffalo NY 14207